Valentine’s Day Cameo Project

In this sentimental endeavor, paper rivals gold and pearls, and hand-made valentines are as dear as heirloom brooches.
Follow these simple steps!

Colored Paper
Glue Stick
Fabric scraps
Lace Trim
Fabric Glue


  1. Using this cameo valentine template, create stencils by photocopying the shapes onto cardstock and cutting them out.
  2. Cut varying sizes of ovals from contrasting papers, and layer them as shown, using a glue stick. Add a silhouette cut from paper to complete the valentine. A handwritten message can be placed on the reverse side.
  3. Create an envelope for your valentine by tracing the provided template onto card stock. Cut out. Fold the four outer flaps inward, and secure with glue stick.


EDGE TRIM: Select a trim with a seam allowance. Start by adhering trim along the edges of a paper oval with sparing amounts of fabric glue. (It may be necessary to clip the seam allowance so that the trim conforms more easily to the contours of the oval.) When you are finished edging the entire oval and the glue has dried, conceal the raw edges by gluing an oval of identical size to the back.

FABRIC: For added texture, you can opt to wrap one of the oval layers in fabric. Start with an oval cut from sturdy cardstock. Cut a scrap of fabric slightly larger that the area to be covered. Neatly wrap fabric around the card-stock oval, securing with fabric glue on the reverse side. Be sure to layer the fabric-covered oval on top of another layer to conceal the raw edges.

LACE: You can also add delicate lace embellishment to one of your oval layers. Follow the directions above for “Fabric,” but use a glue stick instead. Lightly dab the lace with glue before wrapping it around the card stock oval.

Notes: Card stock works best for ovals; lighter-weight papers are better for cutting out the silhouettes.

To see more ideas from former Artist-In-Residence, Olivia Kanaley, click here.

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