Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan

Tulip Time

The Holland Area Arts Council hosts a number of events throughout the festival, including a quilt show featuring an amazing array of intricately stitched examples of this time-honored craft.

Tulip Time

One of the most popular events of the festival is the Volksparade (People’s Parade), left, where anyone—even the tiniest residents—can don native historical garb and join in the task of sweeping the streets “Dutch clean.” Dancing skills are on display, right, as townspeople click their wooden shoes to the rhythm of beloved folk tunes.

To learn more about Holland, Michigan’s Tulip Time Festival, see “A Midwestern Dutch Treat,” on page 53 of the March/April 2015 issue of Victoria magazine.


  1. I miss the old victoria website because it had the community link where you could read the messages of everyone especially what books everyone was reading.


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