Through the Garden Gate

Through the Garden Gate
The palette of the drawing room, above, is drawn from the floral splendor surrounding the home, and décor reflects the homeowner’s affinity for flowers.

Through the Garden Gate
Adorning the breakfast nook with an array of vibrant prints extends a festive welcome. An antiques dealer and interior designer, Lucie-Clare had established a firm in London but ultimately returned to her roots in England’s Peak District.


  1. Ahhhh… nothing like a simple and proper English country cottage to make my heart race !!

    Of all the rooms pictured, my favourite is indeed the kitchen – with the Aga playing it’s important role as the center of all life’s activities! With the welcoming and comfortable chair by its side, the quaint kitchen exudes warmth and hospitality!

    I could move in today…..

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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