The Summer Issue: A July/August 2018 Preview

Filled with beauty and an abundance of faïence, Victoria’s July/August issue celebrates history-rich antiques and vintages, and the pleasure inherent in procuring them. Come along with The Antiques Diva, Toma Clark Haines, as she leads readers on a tour through Venice, Italy’s best-kept secrets—treasure troves of exquisite glass art, furnishings, and more. Cookbook author and entrepreneur Georgeanne Brennan welcomes guests in a celebration of good living and summer’s freshest fare, and well-appointed homes and lush gardens offer an invitation to comfort and luxury.

Take a closer look at some of our favorite July/August features:

The Summer Issue: A July/August 2018 PreviewOn Tour with The Antiques Diva
Acclaimed for its Old-World architecture and Renaissance art, Venice, Italy, is also a mecca for antiques. One American expatriate helps treasure hunters navigate the markets there and in cities around the world.

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  1. I was thrilled to see this issue in my mailbox and took to reading through it almost immediately while sipping tea on my terrace. Perfect weather coupled with frequent visits from friendly Chipmunks made for a great afternoon of reading – and daydreaming….

    This new issue is quite lovely and offers a wide array of different written and photographic features to suit every Victoria fan – Home decor, travel, food, entertaining, and gardens are all represented in this wonderful Victoria issue !

    My favourites include: Siren Song of the Sea (Favourite Things), Catching the Light, The Softer Side of Summer, The Allure of the Cottage Garden, and Cast in Stone. There are others as well, but these in particular really ‘spoke’ to my imagination and design sense.

    Brava Victoria for publishing another real winner with the new July/August 2018 issue !

    (Anxiously awaiting what is in store for us with the September British issue (my favourite !))

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. I started to buy Victoria in 1993 and then got it by post for the years up to now-28 years! I always have issues next to my chair whereI have my quite moments. In fact, I paged through September 1998 yesterday and showed much husband the picture on page 38. This is a favourite of mine. I copied the idea of the vase with feathers in my house by the sea. Victoria took me through my years as young house wife dreaming about my house. I am retiring next year and will as elderly also sit with my cup of tea and a Victoria. This time just remembering. Thank you.

  3. I LOVE all the beautiful Victorian issues! I do think the cover for the Summer issue should have been the outside table in Provence that is in one of the feature stories instead of food. I associate Summer with the great outdoors.
    Keep up these lovely magazine issues – we so need beauty now!
    Carol Cooke
    Cealady’s Beachy House


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