Sugar & Spice

sugar & spice

A pinch of spice, a sprinkling of herbs, a splash of extract—exotic flavorings can make a dramatic difference in transforming a classic dessert into a holiday showstopper. Delight guests with this selection of freshly baked indulgences designed to enliven the palate.

Savor the mingling scents of citrus and herb in this Orange-Rosemary Cake. Stirring sour cream into the batter yields three moist and fluffy layers that find their perfect complement in swirls of decadent frosting tinged with flecks of tangy orange zest.

sugar & spice

Enjoy a leisurely teatime celebration with tasty Nutmeg-Spiced Salted Caramel–Almond Cookies.

sugar & spice
For memorable company fare, fill delicate pot de crème cups with our luscious French custard made from cream thickened with egg yolks. Star anise, vanilla bean, and dark chocolate highlight the silken treat, which is crowned just before serving with a dollop of lemon-ginger whipped topping and a dusting of chocolate shavings.

Photography  Stephanie Welbourne Steele 
Recipe Development and Food Styling Rebecca Treadwell Spralding

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