A Refined French Interior

A Refined French Interior
Sophie and her husband built these bunk beds, inspired by old-fashioned lits clos (closed beds), of rural Brittany.

When King Gustav III of Sweden visited the French court at Versailles in the late eighteenth century, the neoclassical furniture there impressed him, and upon his return home, he imported some examples. A more restrained interpretation of these pieces, without gilding, evolved in Sweden and became widely popular there—partly because the reflective quality of the white or painted finishes served to illuminate the long Northern winters.

Sophie, who previously worked for a fashion publication, initially encountered her preferred Swedish décor through bargain hunting. She recalls, “At first sight, I loved its simplicity and the refinement of the colors.” 

Text  Carol Rizzoli
Photography  Louis Galliard
Styling  Marie-Paule Faure

Learn more about in “A Refined French Interior,” on page 55 of the January/February 2015 issue of Victoria magazine.

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