Home Décor with the Peaceful Presence of White

Peaceful Presence of White

There is no place that imparts such calm sweetness as one adorned in the purity of white. Layers and ruffles of clean, crisp, sophisticated alabaster tell a story of simple beauty and grace. 

Peaceful Presence of White

Flickers of candlelight dance throughout the room, carried from wall to wall in the reflection of an exquisitely framed mirror. Upon the mantel, shimmering silver vases and candleholders offer elegance of old. Even when the fireplace logs aren’t burning, the room remains warm with the glow of a winter-borne wonderland. 

Peaceful Presence of White

Above left: Drape a room in elegance by carrying the dreamy white from corner to corner through the shine of reflection, dapper details, and lacy luxury. Above right: Handkerchiefs and ribbons tell a story of old when sweetly paired with new accessories. 

Peaceful Presence of White

As the winter chill whistles outside, let the gentleness of white warm your home. Natural light, plush linens, and fragile lace beckon sweet dreams and heavenly serenity. This bedroom provides a welcome escape with special touches that make the space unique. 

Peaceful Presence of White

Above left: Fresh roses at the bedside whisper a soft welcome as crystal and silver dress up the room. Above right: Tiny pearl pieces and buttons spill across the nightstand next to journals full of handwritten memories.

Text May Knowlton 
Photography Kate Sears

“The Peaceful Presence of White” can be found in the January/February 2009 issue of Victoria magazine. 


  1. I love this. It’s June, and I’m planning what I will sell and feature for Christmas {just like in the publishing world – the holiday photoshoots for my antique website FrenchGardenHouse happen in July and August}
    Although I am a great fan of Red, the soothing elegance of Whites and Creams always touches my heart and inspires. Thank you!


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