From the Heart: Collector Rose Ann Kendrick

Rose Ann Kendrick

Learning the ropes of antiques collecting at her mother’s knee led one Alabama woman to pursue a lifelong passion for things that beckon with the rich patina of age.

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  1. It is so wonderful to see this home, I absolutely love it! I am also a collector of fine porcelain, silver, and crystal. It’s great to see there are people of class with the appreciation for the finer things in life that add so much pleasure to our homes. I hope Victoria will Seek out and publish more of these homes. Everyone can create a home with beautiful things, but it takes time. By finding beautiful objects and surrounding yourself with them, I believe a woman will always love her home.

  2. Absolutely stunning collection of crystal, China and silver. Love it all. Great presentation.

  3. By far, the dining room is my favourite room in the house! I simply love to see a glistening mahogany table filled with beautiful bone china, intricate crystal and polished sterling! I particularly loved this article as it features items not usually found in today’s tablescapes…. Mustard pots, salt cellars, and a magnificent covered sardine server makes for a spectacular design.

    Just love this table…

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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