A Feast of Scottish Splendor

A Feast of Scottish Splendor

Savored in the waning sunlight of an idyllic autumn day, a hearty banquet of classic fare transports guests to the rolling hills of Scotland, where culinary tradition honors the satisfying simplicity of regional abundance.

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  1. This issue is especially beautiful, and I’ve read every word, as I always do! I understand the soup bowl and plate shown
    in the Cullen Skink soup picture are probably privately owned, but if anyone knows the source/brand or could help me connect with the owner of them, I would be so grateful. I love them!!!
    I am so in love with the Victoria mags, I am happy to say I own every issue from the first of the initial issues, before the “suspended” period, through to the present day. I’ll be a subscriber until I die, and as I have no daughters, I can only hope someone deserving of my collection gets them after I am gone. I’ll put them in my will!!!
    Thank you for any help you can provide.
    Kathleen McMahon


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