Our Favorite Autumn Décor Ideas

Fall Decor

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.” –Edwin Way Teale

Relish this glorious season by surrounding yourself with the rich colors and bountiful delights autumn has to offer.

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  1. …it is always so wonderful to find sophisticated yet simple decorating ideas for autumn…i love how the miniature pumpkins with curly stems can be displayed for halloween…then with the addition of artichokes, this floral arrangement can extend into a fall display.. ..maybe adding a faux bird can celebrate thanksgiving… ..great way to continue enjoying fresh flowers all through the season! using waxed string with individual leaves or calligraphy tags adds interest to wreaths, place settings, and adornments for table lamps, candle rings and door knobs…thank you for the great inspirations!

  2. I recently went to a consignment store that had 40/50 Victoria magazines.
    I bought them ALL. I know you shut down a few years ago. I am so happy
    you brought it back.


  3. My sister and I have been grieving over the “Victoria Magazine” of old. In the current issue, May 2016, you have hit closer to the mark.

    It would be wonderful to satisfy both your older, well established readers, as well as your younger and newer readers–alike.


  4. I treasure Victoria, and especially the issues that focus on one country. You never fail to inspire.
    I cannot count the ideas you’ve sparked for bringing the seasons into my home, setting a glorious table, and re-purposing vintage items to bring them to life again and beguile the eye.
    Thank you for innumerable armchair travel adventures highlighting intriguing destinations close to home and far away- the stuff of dreams and a help in planning a longed-for trip. Perfectly delicious, cover to cover!

  5. I love your magazine and enjoy reading every one over and over! Thank you for the focus on lovely homes, gardens and the beauty that is found in life. I love the idea that this is “MY” magazine, from the poems on delightful scenes in our world, to the tablescapes and menu selections for gatherings. One thing I miss from past issues would be the fashion focus for women who want to dress themselves or their children in beautiful clothing with hairstyle ideas. Some selections were for weekend trips and clothing selected to show class and style. Other selections were for parties and the models were stunning in their hair, makeup and velvet dresses. Please give us ideas for bringing glamour into our lives. I know I need your tasteful ideas. Thank you for all the ways you sparkle and shine. I look forward to every issue and keep them as treasures.


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