Fall Flourishes

As nature’s color palette fully embraces autumn’s brilliant spectrum, join in the revelry with creative ideas that showcase the foliage of the season and make lovely displays for entertaining. Above: Plain glass candleholders take on a dressier look when wrapped in sheets of birch bark, twine, and bunches of holly berries.

When October arrives in all its prismatic glory, the makings for beautiful displays are found all around. Above: A welcoming bouquet greets all who enter.

Above left: Pedestal containers don a fall wardrobe with maple leaves encircling pillar candles. Above right: Gifts mean even more to the receiver when thoughtfully wrapped with leaf-motif paper and tags.

Above: A basic grapevine wreath, adorned with a mélange of fallen leaves gathered from nearby woods, is ready to receive visitors. Learn how to make a stunning wreath perfect for this time of year in our online tutorial.

A few leaves tucked into a napkin ring are simple but festive, adding a seasonal touch to the table.

Fall Flourishes

Above: A vibrant medley of foliage, mixed with flowers, berries, and fern fronds arranged in a silver vase, forms the focal point of a display that also brings in other harvest-time components: pears, persimmons, and miniature white pumpkins.

Text Karen Callaway
Photography Marcy Black Simpson
Styling Yukie McLean

For more Thanksgiving decorating ideas, see “Fall Flourishes” on page 51 in the Victoria Classics issue of Autumn Bliss.


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