Bedtime Stories: Five Rituals for Relaxation

A bed piled high with lofty pillows and layered in luxury often paves the way to a journey into dreamland.

A luxurious bath, a good read, and a cup of chamomile tea have long been praised as soothing preludes to the perfect slumber. Sacred are the rituals for retiring each evening—the quiet ceremonies that nurture our circadian rhythms are almost as blissful as a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Your articles in Victoria make us dream and enhance our
    lives with enchantment and beauty.

    Thank you for your continuance.

    June Emmert

  2. Whether it’s an afternoon nap or a full night’s slumber, there is nothing more relaxing than having fresh and clean vintage embroidered linens of white to make a true welcoming bed. A cup of mint tea and a good book is all I need to fall peacefully to sleep. I also am blessed with a natural waterfall near my house which lulls me to sleep with its falling waters.

    The addition of my purring three cats all cuddling with me make it perfect!


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