A Sense of Grace

A Sense of Grace

A few years earlier, she had begun producing a line of nostalgic children’s clothing, based on the dresses with pinafores she had worn as a child. At a trade show in New York, buyers from Neiman Marcus were even more interested in the slipcovers she’d had custom-made to cover the standard-issue chairs. That encounter launched a new business, Carolyn Westbrook Home, and those initial slipcovers were soon joined by pillows, home accessories, and the French-inspired linen bedding that is the foundation for truly dream-worthy boudoirs.


  1. I have a collection of Victoria magazine for over 10 years. I love every page of it. Rarely can I find it in Manila. My copies come from my sister in Houston or my daughters in New York and Hong Kong. A Victoria magazine is the best present I can get when they come home. In this lockdown, I enjoy every page of them. None ever looked outdated. They are timeless and priceless. Mabuhay! (Long live) from Manila, Philippines!


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