A Joyful Holiday Tea

Enjoy the blissful hours dedicated to the ceremony of afternoon tea during a hearthside fête that unfolds within the glow of twinkling Christmas lights and crackling blaze. Our party tenderly encourages friendship amid unforgettable moments of loveliness.

Holiday Tea
Dressed in seasonal finery, this classically styled parlor requires little additional adornment for entertaining. With an assortment of dainty treats placed within easy reach, guests can sink into comfortable seating and savor a steaming cup of a favorite blend.

Fig Tartlets

A dusting of coarse sanding sugar adds Yuletide shimmer to Currant-and-Fig Tartlets–truly a shining star among the tantalizing offerings. For these morsels, guests find their choice of preserves spooned into buttery pastry flavored with a combination of tasted nuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. 

Thumbprint cookies
Tangy citrus zest brightens Lemon-Poppy-Seed Sandwich Cookies, while a rich filling complete delicate Hazelnut-and-Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies. Whether loved ones exchange packages or pleasantries, the most extraordinary gift shared will be unhurried time together. 

Text Melissa Lester 
Photography Marcy Black Simpson 
Styling Beth K. Weimer 
Recipe Development & Food Styling Loren Wood 

“A Cup of Holiday Joy” is from the November/December 2015 issue of Victoria magazine. 

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  1. There is something so relaxing, so special to me about taking tea! In our world of 24/7 where warp speed isn’t fast enough, where quantity not quality is the norm, enjoying a simple cup of tea with deliciously made cookies is a wonderful heart opening pleasure. My spirit fills with joy sipping a cup of tea from a beautifully crafted tea cup with eating freshly baked pastries. Life doesn’t get any better. And I am reminded to slowly savor life’s pleasures one sip at a time!


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