Wrapped in Tradition

Wrapped in Tradition
From its hilltop vantage point overlooking the rock-rimmed shores of Maine’s Penobscot Bay, a circa 1780 post-and-beam farmhouse has watched centuries of autumns come and go. Original pumpkin-pine floors gleam in the front rooms, and the adjacent barn still holds the chassis of an old hay wagon in its rafters, a nod to its agrarian past. There is a timeless quality in the structures, a characteristic also interwoven in the products made by the business now occupying these spaces.

Wrapped in Tradition
Visitors to the area’s picturesque coast can shop for Swans Island’s range of wares at both the mill store and a boutique in nearby Camden. The production studio is located in a quintessential Maine farmhouse with views to Penobscot Bay. Here, a skilled team of six weavers, three finishers, and one master dyer produces the colorful array of products that bring comfort on chilly autumn days.

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