Woven in European Tradition

A serene color palette and tasteful details draw attention to coordinates from Crown Linen Designs, but it is the luxurious feel of the brand’s signature fabric that truly invites repose. From crisp napkins and romantic ruffle-edged shams to casually elegant dresses, blouses, and scarves, the label delivers textiles and garments imbued with classic style.

Wares reflect deep roots of European heritage. An all-natural cloth made from flax, this prized commodity garners praise for its breathability and enduring quality. “It is beautiful to the eye and to the touch,” proprietress Victoria Fanning says, “and there isn’t anything better for your body than linen clothing and bedding.”

Victoria stepped away from the business world for two decades to raise a family. Acquaintances often asked her to help decorate their homes during that time, so as the next chapter began to unfold, she desired a career that involved creating sumptuous surroundings. When a friend introduced Victoria to linen from her native Ukraine, a new calling was revealed. “It was as thick as it was soft, and the embroidered pieces were extraordinary. I wanted to wear it, sleep in it, and fill my home with it,” she says. “I also wanted to share this amazing find with everyone.”

From an initial order for tabletop elements, which sold quickly at holiday bazaars and other small markets, business flourished. Crown Linen Designs treasures now retail in more than eight hundred boutiques across the United States, as well as through the company’s online store.

Text Melissa Lester
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