Wiley Valentine:
Pretty Paper Delights

Wiley Valentine

Like an exquisite letterpress impression on fine paper, the creative influence of Mary Wiley and Norma Jean Valentine has left its imprint, inspiring their granddaughters to display their own artistic talents.

Wiley Valentine

Whimsical scrolls and classic calligraphy dance delightfully across soft cotton papyrus. The art of design and the enduring craft of letterpress are the perfect combination that enables Wiley Valentine founders Emily Owen and Rachelle Schwartz to showcase their artistry. The duo began their careers working for the same firm, where their paths first crossed. They spent their days producing myriad mainstream graphic-design projects, but grew eager to explore new avenues outside the confines of corporate work.

It wasn’t until relatives and friends began requesting custom wedding invitations from the artists that they discovered their mutual adoration of all things paper. While reflecting upon their love for creating cards and invitations, Rachelle asked Emily, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we could do this all day, all the time?” Before long, the two ventured forth and followed their hearts to establish Wiley Valentine, named after their beloved grandmothers.

Wiley Valentine

What began seven years ago as small offices in their homes now inhabits a delightful space overflowing with possibility. Beyond a lovely white picket fence and up the stairs of an antiquated porch stands the quaint studio of Wiley Valentine, where vintage packaging lines the walls and inspiration boards capture the imagination. This perfect setting allows ideas to flow and designs to flourish. 

With sincere reverence for creating engaging products that immediately win the hearts of recipients, Emily and Rachelle incorporate elaborate craftsmanship to convey a unique sentiment that leaves an unforgettable impression.


“Wiley Valentine: Pretty Paper Delights” is found in our Inspirations 2012 issue of Victoria. 

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