A Visit with Jan Karon

A Visit with Jan Karon

We are pleased to announce that Jan Karon, author of the beloved Mitford series, will be joining us for A Victoria Holiday Event: Christmas in Asheville, North Carolina. This grand getaway takes place November 10–12, 2019. The final session of our time together will include a brunch conversation with this beloved author, followed by a meet and greet and book signing. I am happy to call Jan my friend, as well as a past Writer-in-Residence for Victoria magazine, and look forward to introducing her to many of our readers.


  1. I became a MITFORD addict during a most stressful 2 years of taking in my mother, who suffered dementia and bad anxiety. I became house bound and JAN KARONS books took me so far away .My refuge was bedtime, a cup of mint tea and a small town tucked in the book series. I did pre-order the last book because I was so excited there was more. Thank you Jan!

  2. Yes I have read most of her books and own 12 including the cookbook. I have bought three of the first one because I loaned it out and they were passed around and not returned; so I would buy another. Am excited about the event and meeting her and you as well.

  3. I adore the Mitford books! I had not heard of them until I saw the first 5 being sold as a set many years ago in a Christian book club my husband was in. I devoured them, and passed them to my non-reader daughter who became a voracious reader, all because of those first Mitford books. I have all of them plus some of the small books. To pick my favorite would be impossible. Jan Karon is my favorite author.

  4. I have read all 14 books and loved every single one.
    I have no doubt that God has used Jan Karon in a very special way. He guided her hand as she wrote these books and He guided her heart, her mind and her soul. Her books have touched so many people’s lives, have helped people to heal spiritually and physically. Jan Karon is not just an author, she is a very special author, one of God’s messengers, for sure!

  5. I’ve read every single one of the series and nothing else compares! I WISH I could go to this, but I’m a teacher and I don’t think it’s going to work with school

  6. I love the Mitford series, and can’t pick a favorite! These characters get you to love them, each in their own way.

    I’d love to attend this event but it’s not in my budget!

  7. Dear Jan Karon and Victoria magazine, I have read every single one of Jan Karon’s books! Mitford and Jan’s newer books gave me many “wonderful armchair visits” in reading. Cynthia’s artistry in her children’s books were a wonderful inspiration to me personally as an artist. Father Tim was a humble, real person who loved God, his new family and everyone in Mitford. One day, I came across Jan’s cookbook from our library. It was a found treasure on the sale table! I took it home and made the recipe for ….Esther’s orange marmalade cake! I always wondered what made that cake so popular! I took the cake to my friend, Bette, who also read her books and was in the last stages of cancer. We laughed as we enjoyed sampling the delicious cake as we read the favorite recipes and stories in the cookbook. Bette even went and got the past Victoria magazine that you were featured in to peruse together. It was a memory with my friend that I will always treasure. Thank you Jan for your wonderful creative writing for our enjoyment through the years!


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