Victoria Classics: Linens, Lace & Monograms

Victoria Classics: Linens, Lace & Monograms

The latest installment of Victoria Classics presents our loveliest collections of linens, lace, and monograms, along with the most treasured pieces from purveyors of fine textiles, whether new, well loved, or antique. Robin Molbert, Pandora de Balthazár, Pat Kerr, and Beth Claybourn share the stories behind their passions, advice on caring for cherished materials, and the significance of embroidered initials through the ages. Immerse yourself in the tranquil splendor of these serene, light-filled sanctuaries, and indulge in restful luxury.

 Take a closer look at some of our favorite features: 

 Victoria Classics: Linens, Lace & Monograms
A Lyrical Garden of Stitchery
No manner of decoration softens the ambience of a home quite like bringing in layers of ethereal linens. Born of necessity but prized for their beauty, these common household articles rise above practical use to be preserved, displayed, and passed on to future generations.

 Victoria Classics: Linens, Lace & Monograms
On Cultivating a Legacy
Raised with an appreciation for gracious living, three enterprising women have developed their passions into businesses of bliss. Meet a purveyor of fine European textiles, a bridal couturière with a treasury of exquisite trims, and an interior designer whose sumptuous surroundings exude a sense of welcome.

 Victoria Classics: Linens, Lace & Monograms
A Treasured Heritage
Explore the timeless tradition of artistic personalization. Monogramming—once reserved for the privileged—is now a form of self-expression available to all. From hand-embroidered heirlooms of regal significance to simple linens embellished by modern means, find inspiration in our thoughtfully curated assemblage.

The Linens, Lace & Monograms special issue of Victoria will be on newsstands February 14, or order online today!


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  1. THIS is a very dear issue to me as I LOVE linens and monograms so much! I am delighted that Victoria has created another special Classics issue for monograms!

    This issue holds special value for me as a dear FaceBook and Victoria friend, Pandora de Balthazar, is a feature in this issue. Pandora is a lovely woman of great style and elegance and owns a very special shop which caters to luxurious bedding! Don’t miss the article “Of Rest and Restoration” which features Pandora !

    I am very excited about this issue and can’t wait until I can secure my copy! THANK YOU Victoria for this special issue as it caters to two of my great passions for collecting !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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