Vibrant Life, Visionary Surrounds

Vibrant Life, Visionary Surrounds

Carl’s paintings and beloved bright hues adorn the rooms, but he alone cannot be credited for the home’s design. Karin was also an educated painter until the birth of her children shifted her artistic focus to furniture and textiles she designed and made herself. Together, the two created a harmonious and comfortable space that put simplicity and function before grandeur.

Text Leslie Bennett
Photography Jane Hope

To learn more about the Larssons’ home and garden, collect your copy of the July/August 2020 issue, available on newsstands and at


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  1. Carl Larsson is one of my favorite painters. When I look at his painting they invite me into his life. I feel like Mrs. Larsson would treat me as a kind friend. I like the pictures of their healthy happy rosy cheeked children.
    Thank you so much for the peek into Swedish culture. I hope you put something in Victoria about the St. Lucia
    Celebration on Dec. 13th marking th beginning of Christmas in Sweden!

  2. Carl Larsson’s children’s books are a delight of the simple joys of childhood. I was introduced to them when my daughter was in elementary school and he has been a favorite of mine ever since.

  3. As a “self taught artist”, I was always saving articles from magazines. I still have the article showing Larson’s home from an old magazine years ago. Are re-prints of his book, The Home still available? I would love to have one. I look forward to the new Victoria issue in my mail box soon!!


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