Venture to Scotland’s Mountains and Moors: Exploring Edinburgh

Photo of Scotland

The capital city of Edinburgh extends across seven mountaintops, giving it an imposing appearance and a magnificent view of Scotland’s surrounding Central Belt region. The town lies on the southern end of the Firth of Forth—an estuary where the River Firth flows into the North Sea. Edinburgh has witnessed centuries of historic events, and its narrative includes a number of legendary myths, as well. Today, it welcomes visitors to explore its many sights, shops, and restaurants, experiencing Scottish hospitality at its best.

In our British issue, we wandered down the streets of Edinburgh, exploring shops, sampling delicious food and drink, and discovering luxurious places to stay. Tour the city with us, and get the full richness of our experience in Scotland when you download the issue.

Scotland - Princes Street Gardens

Edinburgh is divided into two distinct sections: Medieval-era Old Town (left) is a meandering maze of cobblestone streets, including the main thoroughfare known as the Royal Mile. New Town, where the roads are laid out in a neat grid, dates to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the center of town, Princes Street Gardens (right) is a swath of greenway that invites residents and visitors alike to stroll among the flora and the statues of beloved Scotsmen.

Scotland - victoria magazine
Edinburgh boasts numerous shopping areas—from the high-end shops of Multrees Walk to trendy West End boutiques and the unique wares found at the Grassmarket, beneath Edinburgh Castle. Tourists who wish to bring home a traditional Scottish tam are sure to find many fine examples to choose from, along with some of the country’s renowned shortbread and preserves.

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  1. Your lovely article on Edinburgh includes a glimpse through windows of a wonderful knitwear shop. Please, the name and location? Thank you Kathleen


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