The Treasured Heritage of Vietri

Inspired by artisans, Vietri dinnerware brings the vibrant authenticity of Italian craftsmanship to tables around the world. The bright colors and charming patterns synonymous with the company’s tableware and home décor began with a dream.

In May 1993, sisters Susan and Frances happily accompanied their mother, Lee Gravely, on a much-anticipated journey. Less than a decade prior to their trip, Lee had clipped an article about the luxurious San Pietro Hotel in Positano, located along Italy’s breathtaking Amalfi Coast. Envisioning a trip to the magical destination and careful planning eventually saw the three dining at the hotel.

Captivated by the restaurant’s colorful dinnerware, they set off for the nearby town of Vietri sul Mare to meet the artisans. An immediate friendship developed among the three Southern women and the Italian craftspersons whose work they had admired. The Gravelys returned home with a hodgepodge of handmade pieces featuring pastoral elements, such as flowers, horses, cows, and fish¾inspirations for the Campagna line that launched their business, christened Vietri after the village of origin.

Nearly four decades later, Vietri enjoys a global presence, and the Gravelys count those longtime European connections as treasured kindred. For the pair of sisters who helped launch the company, cherished collections of dinnerware and linens serve as tangible reminders of the dream that began with an unforgettable trip to Italy all those years ago.

Text Karen Callaway
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