Treasured for a Lifetime:
Laura Lee Jewellery

Laura Lee Jewellery

Jeweler Laura Lee’s globetrotting experience began at a tender age, and the influence of various cultures, along with the mementos of her parents’ travels, left indelible early impressions. 

Laura Lee Jewellery

Whether home was London, Sydney, or the US, Laura Lee recognized the significance of jewelry early on as a way of keeping memories and cherished moments. The intrigue of her mother’s charm bracelet, laden with ornaments from her trips around the world, and the beads and assorted notions her father brought her as a child, started her fashioning her first pieces of jewelry.

Now with a workshop in Bloomsbury and a Covent Garden luxury boutique, Laura, who believes jewelry should reflect the wearer, takes the greatest pleasure in designing and customizing pieces for her clientele. “I am never happier,” she says, “than when I am looking at stones and coming up with ideas or collections.”

Her enduring love for historical pieces has undoubtedly informed her aesthetic. “I love going to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum,” she says, “and drinking up all the incredible objects and artefacts there—I have always found them profoundly inspiring. The ancient gold jewelry has survived for thousands of years and still is so desirable now.”

While her core designs look to those ancient treasures and their timeless, unwavering appeal, she describes her spectrum of designs as eclectic. And indeed, there is something for everyone—from antique coin necklaces to sparkling star-shaped earrings to unforgettable wedding rings meant to last forever. All are a way of telling our own stories.

“I am always trying to make something that has meaning,” she says, “and that is for keeping and guiding and reminding the wearer of somebody special or of important moments or places—the talismans and armour for our modern lives.”

Text Cynthia Reeser Constantino

Look for three new pieces to launch on International Women’s Day (March 8). A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity that supports women in business in the developing world. Visit Laura Lee Jewellery for updates and to discover Laura’s lovely designs.

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