Traquair House: A Lasting Legacy

Traquair House: A Lasting Legacy

Located in the breathtaking expanse known as the Scottish Borders, Traquair House has borne witness to more than nine centuries of history, from the reign of Mary Queen of Scots and the fabled life of Bonnie Prince Charlie to the Jacobite uprisings and more.

The name is derived from the Celtic words tret, meaning dwelling place, and quair, connoting a stream with a winding course—a reference to the castle’s close proximity to the River Tweed. Twenty-seven Scottish kings and queens have spent time in this tranquil setting. The manor has the distinction of being Scotland’s oldest inhabited house, and for several hundred years, it has been the home of the Stuart family, with the 21st Lady of Traquair residing there today. Traquair continues to welcome visitors to tour the estate, sample the beverages at its restored brewery, and stay in sumptuous accommodations on the property.

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