A Tour of French Wine Country

The Beaujolais region of France beckons oenophiles from around the world with the spectacular natural beauty of its vineyards, as well as the exquisite vintages produced there.


A picturesque patchwork of vineyards, farms, and small villages, the magnificent province of Beaujolais, France, provides an unparalleled sensory experience for all who explore it.


The Romans were the first to cultivate the lush, rolling hills of the area, planting endless fields of grapes. Although famed for its eponymous wine, the destination is also a gastronome’s paradise with a multitude of gourmet restaurants and quaint little bistros that serve fine cuisine prepared with the sumptuous local bounty. 

Visitors from around the globe travel here to follow the Beaujolais Wine Route, meet the growers, tour the wineries, and sample the remarkable products. Since 1917, five generations of the Fourneau family have diligently tended the vines at the historic Château de Javernand—an eighteenth-century manor house that is available for tours.

Its vineyards yield bright, fruity Les Gatilles and award-winning Vieilles Vignes. The legendary Château Thivin, owned and operated by the Geoffray family, was built in the fourteenth century and frequented throughout the years by prominent figures in the worlds of art and journalism, such as the French novelist Colette. Featuring tiled roofs and cobblestone courtyards surrounded by acres of verdant vineyards, the property continues to enchant today.

To learn more about this scenic region, see “A Rare Vintage: Exploring the Rhône-Alpes,” on page 39 of the May/June 2014 issue of Victoria magazine.

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