Top Ten Posts of 2020

Top Ten Posts of 2020

This year, has offered a wealth of inspiration and instruction for traveling, entertaining, decorating, and more. We take pride in bringing the spirit of the magazine you love to the web through thoughtfully selected content and exclusive web extras. From delectable recipes and historic destinations to unforgettable interiors, join us as we revisit our most popular online features of 2020.


  1. Thank you for the past posts, lovely. Your magazine has gotten me through many years of good and bad times. It has helped get me through 2020 with some beauty, kindness in the people that do the writing and superb photography to take me away to new places and meet new people. Please keep up the excellent work and keep on keepin as my daughter tells me. For that period of time you were gone I truly missed my very very favorite magazine so BE SAFE….BE WELL….BE KIND and PASS IT FORWARD . TOGETHER AMERICANS WILL PREVAIL as we always have in the past. Look forward to a better, healthier 2021.

  2. Just ordered magazine, this is the class I was looking for and I feel connected to every beautifully arranged setting. Wing back chairs, drum tables, yes that pleases my palette. Waiting for first issue. Sandra


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