Through the Garden Gate

So lush are the surroundings at the estate where Lucie-Clare Watson resides that the loveliness of the outdoors seems to have grown beyond its borders, spilling into the eighteenth-century abode at the heart of the property.

Through the Garden Gate
Above: Brimful beds and creeping vines add storybook allure to the weathered stone exterior, and tangles of peonies, foxgloves, and other cottage blooms lend a bounty of inspiration to the interiors.


  1. Ahhhh… nothing like a simple and proper English country cottage to make my heart race !!

    Of all the rooms pictured, my favourite is indeed the kitchen – with the Aga playing it’s important role as the center of all life’s activities! With the welcoming and comfortable chair by its side, the quaint kitchen exudes warmth and hospitality!

    I could move in today…..

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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