The Venice of Provence:
Antiques Markets of France

Antiques Markets

Charming villages abound in the foothills of France’s Luberon region, each with its own history and personality. One such town has distinguished itself in a way that makes it irresistible to antiques enthusiasts.

Moss-covered waterwheels and flower-box-lined pedestrian bridges cross the canals that give this lovely burg its nickname, “Venice of Provence.” Grand mansions, once belonging to wealthy merchants, remind visitors of its past, but these days, there is a different draw, one that turns the town into a carnival every Sunday of the year.

Antiques Markets
Brocante wares run the gamut from antique mirrors and stone statuary to chipped-paint shutters and vintage passementerie. Above, an antique trumeau mirror leans against the wall, surrounded by a collection of pretty Provence-sourced items. A carved picture frame illustrates the intricate designs the French favor.

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