One Layer at a Time:
The Splendor of Onionskin Paper

One Layer at a Time: The Splendor of Onionskin Paper

Nancy Sharon Collins’s purchase of a considerable amount of onionskin paper has proven a wise decision many times over; her inventory provided the foundation for a flourishing career in which she is considered an expert in her field.

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  1. As someone who LOVES to write handwritten letters on custom stationary, this is a real delight to read about onionskin paper! I have only ever used this type of paper for overseas airmail letters from many years ago when the lighter the weight of the letter/envelope- the cheaper the cost of postage.

    Today the postage issues are very different but the old-world charm of writing letters could use a real resurgence in our society !

    Receiving an email or text these days does not really inspire closeness or intimacy, but the sight of a handwritten envelope awaiting us in the mailbox brings about a feeling of joy and sweet anticipation!

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  2. When I was a young girl my older sister was in college and she would home bring to me the most delicate pastel stationary with tiny roses and it was lightly scented.I was a very romantic child and I truly cherished that stationary.It came in pale pink ,sometimes pastel yellow.I have searched for that stationary but I suppose it is no longer available.I am sure it was onion paper,so lovely,made by Eaton.


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