The Shops of Denver

The Shops of Denver

In Denver, there is a clear sense of support among shop owners and area artisans. Evidence of this is seen in businesses such as Pome, a delightful place filled to the rafters with old-fashioned ribbon, penny candy, tin toys, clothing, soaps, knitted cupcakes, all-natural home products, and gourmet olive oil—much of the merchandise made locally. Proprietress Kate Feinsod recently moved her shop a few doors away from its former location, and the space now includes a small grocery area, as well as coffee and tea service, and it will soon feature garden seating in the rear of the store.


  1. I went to the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver for interior design studies and lived so close to downtown that I could see the tall buildings from my apartment window. I also interned at a designer showroom called Shears and Windows on Blake St. which was the decorator street for wholesale items.

    I don’t remember these nice retail stores there at the time, but I was a poor and struggling student, so it was not likely I would have ever seen these stores or others like it. I was too busy between my studies and daydreaming about all the designer furniture and goods that surrounded me each day!

    I would love to see Denver today and check out these stores featured in this 2010 issue.

    Ah, memories……

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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