The Language of Design: Brooke & Birdie

The Language of Design: Brooke & Birdie
“While working for others,” Kristen says, “I was always limited to their design methods and vendors. I ultimately knew that I could do a better job for my clients if I were making the decisions.” Margo and Kristen forged ahead with their dream of creating better ways to achieve ideal spaces. Their work as a team, they agree, achieves a degree of beauty and functionality in which one person’s strengths complement the other’s vision. Victoria recently sat down for a brief interview to learn more about the duo.

Victoria: Could you share your design philosophy and any design influences?
Margo Froehlich & Kristen McGhee: Our design philosophy encompasses the creation of timeless spaces. Every room needs to first be comfortable and inviting. As for our influences, we attend the furniture market in High Point, North Carolina every spring and fall, and we love the designers Alexa Hampton and Suzanne Kasler.

The Language of Design: Brooke & Birdie
Q: What is currently inspiring you?
A: Fine architecture—it never goes out of style—and traditional trims and moldings.

Q: What is important to you when developing a design for a new client?
A: Understanding that clients have a specific style and budget, we want the spaces we design to reflect their style, and we strive to be good stewards of their money, spending it wisely to make the most impact.


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