The Cultivation of Home & Garden

The Cultivation of Home & Garden
The property, which was cultivated over a period of thirty-four years, has everything from fowl strutting in a dovecote to faux-bois furniture tucked into the woodland bed surrounding a pond. Visitors may experience outdoor spaces that feel like furnished rooms, parterres spilling with flowers and bulbs, a greenhouse where rarities dwell, and paths that wind leisurely from space to space.

Bunny also opens her remodeled barn to tour attendees, with the doors of its conservatory ajar to beckon spring breezes. Here, visitors often find her answering questions, fielding compliments, and pointing out destinations outdoors. Explaining how the idea for the tour originated, the globetrotter responds with her own stylish secret: “How do you learn about gardening? You visit other gardens!”

The Cultivation of Home & Garden

The indoor/outdoor element is explored to the fullest in the converted barn that Bunny and John use as a guesthouse, with floral-patterned furnishings and elegant French doors standing ajar to invite views of the adjacent garden.

The Cultivation of Home & Garden

The dining table in the sun-dappled conservatory is artfully adorned with flower arrangements, while rare plants border the perimeters of the room.

The Cultivation of Home & Garden

The balance of color and texture found in Bunny’s interiors carries over to her garden design, where careful planning is evident in the elegant landscapes.

Photography Kate Sears
Text Tovah Martin

To learn more about Trade Secrets and Bunny Williams, see our story online, or “Garden of Generosity” on page 39 of the March/April 2015 issue of Victoria.

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