The Business of Bliss: Meet Our Featured Entrepreneurs

Business of Bliss

In the January/February issue of Victoria, we highlight seven exceptional women who have transformed their passions into profitable ventures. Congratulations to the entrepreneurs included in our 2016 installment of this special section. We admire your talents, draw inspiration from your perseverance, and applaud your extraordinary achievements.

Melissa Achal, of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, let her gift for horticulture blossom into the NEOB Lavender line, which comprises more than 150 aromatic products, including essential oils, soaps, lotions, and teas.

Dinah Bird, of Augusta, Kentucky, combined her financial acumen and love of history to preserve a Bluegrass landmark in 2010 that is known today as Baker-Bird Winery.

Arbie Goodfellow, of Milford, Michigan, glided into a fulfilling career when she exchanged ice skates for bespoke wedding slippers as the proprietress of Parisxox, an online bridal boutique.

Arielle Lamoure, of Breckenridge, Colorado, welcomes guests to Le Petit Paris Bistrot with a menu of tantalizing French specialties evocative of the restaurateur’s upbringing in Paris.

Marilyn Richey, of Cincinnati, Ohio, pays tribute to the age and value of Victorian buttons by using them to fashion statement pieces for Jewelry with a Past.

Susan Schneider, of Winthrop, Connecticut, carved out a niche in the design world through her custom-made Shandell’s lamps and shades.

Heather Wiese-Alexander, of Dallas, Texas, designs a range of couture and digital bespoke paper goods for Bell’Invito—a stationery company that melds her appreciation for quality craftsmanship and modern sophistication.


To learn more about how these remarkable women turned their dreams into professional success, see “The Business of Bliss,” on page 35 of the January/February 2016 issue of Victoria magazine.

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  1. I have loved your Magazine for years and have many back copies. My friend and I share this treat and I would love to join Victoria once more. I am a Writer and Musician, with a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Victoria, Castlemaine, Australia. My book, A Woven Cloth of Life celebrates family and the music I wrote and recorded for it celebrate the now of the moment, which is so Victoria in its expression of beauty. Thank-you for giving me many of these stolen moments over the years, quietly in my kitchen, overlooking the paddocks, hot tea in hand, toast ready to be eaten just after the last lingering look of the page, thank-you, Maggie Jackson Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia


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