The Art of Victoria Book Series
With these hardcover volumes, bring the traditions of teatime, the wonders of botanical splendor, and a treasury of heirlooms to your library.


The Art Bundle

Enhance your collection of Victoria books by ordering this trio in a special bundle!

The ages-old tapestry of taking tea is woven with a prismatic palette of threads, from the golden strands of tradition and the silver cords of friendship to the rainbow ribbons of taste bud–tempting refreshments and the brightly hued filaments of an elegantly set table. In this book from the editors of Victoria magazine, readers are invited to savor the pleasures and possibilities of this cherished ritual shared by people the world over.

Long before the first blossoms come into view, a symphony of fragrances stirs the air in a redolent greeting. An arched trellis, scarcely visible beneath an outpouring of roses, opens to a path lined with lacy hydrangeas, cape jasmine, and sweet oleander. The anticipation of what lies ahead is almost as heady as the aroma of the blooms themselves, and then the full garden emerges in a scene so magnificent it takes one’s breath away. This garden of delights invites readers to savor quiet moments amid nature’s most cherished gifts.

It may start with just one special piece that catches your eye and captures your heart, stirring an affection that quickly grows into an assemblage so dear, its sentimental value is beyond calculation. Whether it is a passion for exquisite linens, sterling silver, or fine English china—or simply the thrill of the hunt—that entices us to sift through old attics and antiques shops, estate sales, and European brocantes, we are kindred spirits, linked by an unbridled fervor for curating our favorite things.