Under the Tent of Peacock Park

Peacock Park

When Gina Galvin, of Peacock Park Design, longs for an adventure, she packs all her hopes and dreams into an old-fashioned wicker picnic basket and pitches a tent. There, beneath the twinkling light of the stars, she uses her imagination –and a collection of props–to create the perfect home away from home, right in her own backyard. 

Peacock Park Victoria magazine

Although she resides in a magnificent manor house, entrepreneur Gina Galvin feels most at home beneath the creamy beige eaves of the canvas tent she has erected on the grounds of her 130-acre estate in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Inside, she has created a fanciful environment adorned with rare antiques, flea-market finds, vintage photographs, and treasures from her own Peacock Park Design collection.

Peacock Park Victoria magazine

The furnishings, a mix of old and new, make the outdoors a luxurious living space, where simple tasks such as hanging laundry on a line become pure pleasures.

Peacock Park Victoria magazine

Biology slides line the drawers, birds’ nests perch in cubbies and well-worn leather suitcases serve as makeshift tables. “I love to create vignettes of life,” the entrepreneur says. “It’s not so much about money; it’s about making my imagination come alive.”

Peacock Park Victoria magazine

Gina searched antique shops, flea markets, and the products in her own collection for treasures and trinkets to furnish the two-room tent. The resulting style, which she describes as “affordable opulence for gracious living,” starts with her own crowning touch–the butterscotch canvas ceiling decorated with black-and-silver fleurs-de-lis.

Peacock Park Victoria magazine

To learn more about Gina’s enchanting retreat, see “Under the Big Top: The Tent of Peacock Park,” on page 56 of the September/October 2011 issue of Victoria magazine. 

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