Ten Favorite Trees: A Victoria Christmas

Ten Favorite Trees: A Victoria Christmas

In keeping with a beloved custom in Austria, the Christmas tree is lit for the first time on Christmas Eve as the whole family gathers to sing carols. Legend has it that sixteenth-century theologian Martin Luther began the practice of decorating trees with lighted candles. Today, most Austrian families use the safer option of electric tapers.

Text Kimber Mitchell
Styling Missie Neville Crawford
Photography Marcy Black Simpson 


  1. I fondly remember when Victoria magazine had a “centerfold” every December that featured a glorious tree done up in such a way that no one could forget. They were a highlight of those issues, but were discontinued. I miss them, and hope that it is something that can be reinstated for 2019 and beyond.

  2. Years ago Denver had the festival of trees. I was one of thousands who paid to see the lush “themed trees” that were then auctioned off to benefit charities a few weeks before Christmas. I loved the creativity of themed trees. Hope Victoria Magazine can feature one all decorated in angles some day…and other themes. (I dont know why they dont do it any longer but would love to know if any other cities still do it).


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