Ten Favorite Trees: A Victoria Christmas

Ten Favorite Trees: A Victoria Christmas

Sparkling embellishments adorn a stately tree in a living history village in Williamsburg, Virginia, where treasured customs hark back to the eighteenth century. Colonial Virginians most likely followed English tradition by adorning their homes with fir and cedar branches, berries, mistletoe, ivy, bay, and other evergreens.

Text Katie Farmand
Photography Marcy Black Simpson

To discover a bounty of inspiration for Yuletide décor, see the November/December 2018 issue of Victoria magazine.



  1. I fondly remember when Victoria magazine had a “centerfold” every December that featured a glorious tree done up in such a way that no one could forget. They were a highlight of those issues, but were discontinued. I miss them, and hope that it is something that can be reinstated for 2019 and beyond.


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