The Temptation of Grace by Kristin Vayden

The Temptation of Grace by Kristin Vayden


by Kristin Vayden, Author of The Temptation of Grace and The Gentlemen of Temptation Series

One of the most difficult setbacks in Regency-era London was scandal. Your image, reputation, and name were of supreme importance, and to have those muddied by true scandal could be devastating to one’s prospects, business, and social status.

In The Temptation of Grace, we have Lord Sterling, Ramsay Scott, who has dealt with the impossible standards of his beast of a father throughout his entire childhood. The emphasis on perfection has put a pressure on his ideals and standards to the extreme, but how does one survive a scandal one didn’t know existed? I love the last line of the prologue in this book: “Who can achieve perfection? None. Yet who can attain shame? All. Every last one of us.” This sets the course for the book: exploring the constant push and pull between what seems to be right and what is right, as well as how scandal isn’t always a respecter of effort to avoid it. Ramsay goes through a process of breaking free of the chains his father placed on him for perfection, and that freedom comes in the form of Miss Iris Grace Morgan. 

Miss Morgan had the opposite in upbringing, and fate forces the two together. Immediately you see the contrast between what a life free from fear looks like compared to a life ruled by it. But Ramsey’s fear of scandal is soon overwhelmed by a stronger emotion, love. This proves the point that it truly is “who you know” in Regency London, not necessarily to raise your social status but to absolutely set you free from it.

Freedom has a way of breaking the chains of the past and opening your eyes to see what the truth was all along: that maybe, just maybe, you were enough after all. Who we were doesn’t have to define who we are today. That was a true scandal in Regency-era London because that was most certainly not what was expected. But when it happened, it was truly glorious. 

<em>The Temptation of Grace</em> by Kristin Vayden

About The Temptation of Grace

An elite gentleman’s club is no place for a London debutante. But what happens at Temptation stays at Temptation … or does it?

Dogged by gossip and scandal, Ramsey Scott, Marquess of Sterling, is the last man who should stand guard over lovely Miss Grace Morgan, much less fall for her. When the innocent’s first outings of the season land her in Temptation, the private club Ramsey manages, he longs to take her in his arms and keep her there, if only his past would allow it. Their friendship will have to suffice—but as Grace blooms in society, Ramsey feels her slipping from his grasp. Until she lures him into his greatest temptation yet …

She should never have come to his office unattended. But how else was Grace to get Ramsey’s romantic attention? Yet now she is left waiting for a proposal that may never come—and wondering if Ramsey’s vexing propriety will force her to marry another.

About the Author

Kristin Vayden, author of twenty books and anthologies, is an acquisitions editor for a boutique publishing house and helps mentor new authors. Her interest in writing started young, but only after her sister encouraged her to pursue this passion did she fully realize the joy and exhilaration of writing a book. Her books have been featured in many places, including on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show.

Visit Kristin at or on the social media platforms below., at, or on Twitter @KristinVayden.

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