Teatime and Wimbledon: The Perfect Pairing


Teatime and Wimbledon—two time-honored British traditions that might not seem to go together, but both started within a few decades of each other. The practice of afternoon tea began among the wealthy in England in the 1840s, while Wimbledon—the oldest tennis tournament in the world—was founded there in 1877. In fact, as afternoon tea and tennis grew to be more popular among the upper class, some china manufacturers developed special plates to hold a teacup as well as a scone or other sweet treats so people could easily enjoy their afternoon tea without needing a table. These tea accoutrements are known by various names, including tennis sets and snack sets.

So whether you’re an Anglophile, a lover of tea, an avid tennis fan, or all of the above, could there be a better British delicacy to savor this week while watching the final matches of Wimbledon than scones?

If you’re looking for an assortment of scones to enjoy with your morning or afternoon tea ritual, Highland Gourmet Scones offers seven delicious flavors year-round and two seasonal selections—from Golden Raisin to Orange-Cranberry to Lemon-Blueberry and more—and can have these delectable baked goods delivered directly to your door. These scones will be a delight for U.S. viewers of Wimbledon, whether you set a proper tea table with porcelain cups and saucers, opt for the ever-practical tennis set, or prefer a casual mug for your tea.

Since the tournament comes to an end on July 14, be sure to order your scones today! For 10% off through July 14, enter WIMBLEDON at check out when you shop online at highlandgourmet.com.

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