A Tea Pleasures 2021 Preview

A Tea Pleasures 2021 Preview

Back by popular demand, this edition of Tea Pleasures offers a bounty of inspiration for savoring the tradition of afternoon tea. Designed to serve as a comprehensive entertaining guide, this special issue provides essential information, from brewing the perfect pot of a favorite loose-leaf blend to ensuring that times together will be steeped in loveliness. Find an array of themed menus, along with full-color photos of each graciously set table and mouthwatering recipe.

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  1. Your magazine celebrates the days when etiquette and elegance were more fondly observed; it’s a respite for me to just look through the pages and read the articles. It’s also my namesake, which makes this all the more special! Thanks for a great publication each and every time.

  2. Wonderful issue! What is the name/pattern of the teapot and service featured on page 94 in the 2021 “Victoria Tea Pleasures” magazine?


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