Sweet Tokens of Confection

Sweet Tokens of Confection

Few gifts are more meaningful than those made by hand. In the amorous spirit of Saint Valentine’s Day, these tempting treats are the perfect way to show your affection. 

Sweet Tokens of Confection

Chocolate truffles are probably the most timeless valentine gift. Far from ordinary, these simple-to make, bite-size candies are infused with a blend of warm cinnamon and just a sprinkle of chipotle pepper for a surprising (and delicious) hint of spice. Coarse sanding sugar adds texture and subtle sparkle, finishing the delectable treats with style.

Sweet Tokens of Confection

Individual loaves of soft, golden bread brimming with pieces of juicy apricot and topped with crisp sunflower seeds are charming tied with pretty ribbon and nestled inside petite wooden baskets. The just-sweet-enough bread, which is delicious toasted and spread with preserves, is a lovely partner for a cup of coffee or tea.

Sweet Tokens of Confection

A box of chocolates—or even homemade truffles—is not the only way to give a gift of the rich, succulent confection. Brownie cupcakes laced with the tang of dried raspberries offer a unique take on the original dessert. Buttery macadamia nuts add crunch, and fluffy whipped white-chocolate frosting caps the dainty cakes in creamy, dreamy perfection.

Sweet Tokens of Confection

Tender, heart-shaped butter cookies are a scrumptious sweet for your valentine. Tucked among rose petals placed inside a Victorian-inspired box, the simple cookies become a beautiful offering.

“Sweet Tokens of Confection” can be found on page 36 of the January/February 2010 issue of Victoria. 

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  1. Love the posts. Brings me back to a lot of good memories.
    Unfortunately, I cannot afford to subscribe to the magazine.
    Limited on funds and too old.

    • Mary I would love to send you my past year of Victorias. I am trying to get ready for a downsize move and can’t bear to throw out any of these beautiful magazines. Let me know if you are interested. Debby

  2. Beautiful!! An era of lovely things and beauty in which there isn’t enough of anymore. I have
    gotten Victoria magazine since the beginning and enjoy every issue, the only problem is it used to be thicker.

  3. When reading Victoria Magazine, I am lost in a world of beauty and loveliness. Thank you for making our world a more beautiful place~


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