Scrumptious Fruit-Filled Desserts for Summer

Delicacies filled with fresh fruits seem the epitome of the summer season. Our mouthwatering treats are a welcomed addition to the menu of any gathering.

Blissful days of childhood are as near as a serving of one of Grandmother’s legendary desserts. Just a bite of her most prized recipes opens a floodgate of memories. Tastes awakening the palate are as warm, familiar, and dear as the recollections of afternoons spent in her company. 


  1. What a very special issue indeed! The Summer food dessert look so wonderful!

    Thanks for the lovely recipes and the great tablescape decorating ideas!

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

    • Barbara, I love reading that someone else has a mother or grandmother that made pie crust with lard. My mother always made her crust with lard. I use shortening and butter, but I certainly feel lard was spot on. My folks knew Monroe Boston Strauss who was the pie king. He wrote the book Pie Marches On in the forties. I have his cookbook, his rolling pin and his baptismal certificate. He only used lard! Thanks for sharing. I know this was from 2016 and now it’s 2018, but Victoria has been around a long time, except for that year or so when they were gone.

  2. Me encantan sus revistas y libros, por ello solicite recientemente un envío mismo que ya me fué cargado en mi tarjeta pero aún no se cuando lo voy a recibir, les agradecería mucho su información. Felicidades por los temas tratados.

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