The Storied Elegance
of a Classic Tudor Home


A fourth-grade term paper written on Jacqueline Kennedy’s renovation of the White House first piqued Lee’s interest in interior design. Impressed by all she had seen in the cities, homes, and museums she had explored around the world, studying art history in college was a natural progression. Later, after having moved to New York City in order to live close to the center of the design industry, and benefiting from the opportunity to wander through the endless art galleries there, Lee furthered her education by obtaining a degree from the New York School of Interior Design.

After a fifteen-year career as a designer, Lee established her own design business eight years ago that is centered around her personal philosophy that a home should be both a sanctuary and a haven. She assists her many clients in creating environments of comfort and contentment that reflect their own interests and experiences. Working out of a studio she shares with two other designers, Lee reserves her home as a space for inspiration and dreaming.



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