Stamps of Approval

Stamps of ApprovalRecently, author Diane Dorrans Saeks, a long-time friend, approached the pair with the idea of publishing a book sharing their local work. Several of her previous publications have already highlighted some of their projects, but recent release Stamps & Stamps: Style & Sensibility contains the designers’ handiwork exclusively, including their own residences. Pages reflect the appeal of personalized décor, which Kate lauds as one of the most important aspects of a true home. Featuring photography by Kate and text by Diane, the volume offers an intimate view into the gracious world of Stamps & Stamps—one which they hope will inspire readers to thoughtfully curate their own interiors with warmth and affection.

Text Leslie Bennett Smith
Photography Kate Stamps

To see more interiors beautifully crafted by Stamps & Stamps, as well as to learn more about their inspiring book, see “Stamps of Approval” in the October 2021 issue, available on newsstands and at

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