Spring’s Grand Return

Chicken-Salad Cheesecake

Like the treasured hours of early spring, the tastes and textures showcased in Chicken-Salad Cheesecake are meant to be savored. Our take on the luncheon staple includes flaky layers of phyllo pastry that envelop a bubbling cream-cheese mixture enhanced with roasted red pepper, feta, thyme, and green onions. Herbed Salad tossed in Champagne vinaigrette provides a refreshing counterpoint.  


  1. I have tried to locate a footed flower vase used in this article. After calling the numbers for this item, I have gotten no where. The shop referenced said they had received dozens of calls about the vase, but the reference is an error. Does anyone know where the vase, or something similar, can be purchased? Thank you.

  2. The Chicken Salad Cheesecake and Spring Salad is GREAT !

    I made a few revisions to the recipe to substitute red peppers for sauteed mushrooms and added a few drops of Worcestershire sauce – and it was really wonderful! Another time, I used Wonton sheets instead of the Phyllo and it was as very good, although slightly different in overall taste.

    I highly recommend trying this now during early Spring as it combines the warmth of the chicken/cheese with a Spring Greens salad which is light and fresh ! I would highly recommend using a light dressing as suggested in the recipe above as a heavy creamy dressing competes with the heavy richness of the chicken/cheese dish.

    God bless !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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