Spinning the Good Life

Spinning the Good Life

In addition to having developed an enduring love for her community, Natasha feels compelled to extend her message throughout the country. She works with the USDA and the American Farm Bureau to help raise awareness and to encourage legislative efforts to maintain wool as a valuable commodity. Her quiet, persistent voice has become the champion of farmers and fiber lovers everywhere.

Natasha smiles as she recounts the highlights of her work at Esther’s Place. “The best part is sitting down with a group of people from all over, talking together and working together,” she says. The shop has become a vibrant resource, blessed with the interactions and relationships created beneath the rambling roof of the haven she has nurtured. It is a house where Natasha’s vision rings true—a place where all are warmly welcomed to learn, laugh, linger, and be inspired.

Text Brittany Williams 
Photography Kimberly Finkel Davis 
Styling Yukie McLean 

“Spinning the Good Life” can be found on page 82 of the January/February 2011 issue of Victoria

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