Silver Lining

Atlanta’s time-tested Beverly Bremer Silver Shop preserves the enduring legacy of sterling with a remarkable inventory and unmatched industry knowledge. From flatware and hollowware to coin silver, jewelry, and décor, the boutique touts an abundance of discontinued classics, as well as a steady stream of rare acquisitions. Mimi Bremer Woodruff grew up in her mother’s business and now runs both the local storefront and internationally known online shop.

What sets the shop apart, she says, is her staff’s impressive knowledge of a very intricate subject, the well-preserved condition of their original merchandise, and the depth of their inventory, made possible only by decades of sourcing goods. The importance of such an inventory lies in its dwindling supply, as many sterling silver manufacturers have merged over the years and discontinued a majority of their products.

“I am inspired to stay in this business because what we have right now will never be made again,” says Mimi. “These are the finest examples of American craftsmanship and design. To feel a beautiful piece of [Kirk Stieff’s] Repoussé, and to imagine someone forming it, raising it from a single sheet of silver, and carefully chasing out what look like flowers you could reach your nose down and smell they’re so realistic—it’s fantastic.”

Ultimately, Mimi hopes to keep the tradition of silver alive in both admiration and practicality. “It is not meant to sit waiting for special occasions,” she says, encouraging collectors to use their sterling pieces. “Sit around the table and enjoy having something pretty to eat with while enjoying friends and family.”

Text Elizabeth Bonner Czapski
Photography William Dickey
Learn more about Mimi Bremer Woodruff’s work as a silver dealer in the January/February 2018 issue of Southern Lady magazine.