Shops We Love: Ink & Peat

Ink & Peat

Former fashion designer Pam Zsori articulates her love for color, form, and texture at Ink & Peat, a lifestyle ship along Williams Avenue in Portland, Oregon. With a playful wit and uninhibited sense of style, she merges modern with vintage in fresh floral bouquets and organically inspired elements for the home.

Ink & Peat

Alive with natural light, invigorating color, and feel-good music, Ink & Peat has become one of north Portland, Oregon’s favorite boutiques. This uplifting environment is a neighborhood mecca of classic and contemporary home furnishings mixed with a dazzling selection of fresh-cut flowers.

Ink & Peat

Pam’s favorite part of running her own business is focusing on customer care and service.”When I was looking for shop space,” she recalls, “one of my goals was to create an inspiring environment for visitors to exist in. With the displays, I try to create little moments people can latch onto so they become engaged in the experience.”

Ink & Peat

“I like to support small designers doing their craft,” says owner Pam Zsori, who stocks her shop with eclectic items from all over the world. Her sharp eye for color and composition is superbly executed in storytelling displays of handmade textiles, captivating collectibles, and fragrant blooms.

Ink & Peat

“I find one flower that’s inspiring to me, and I’ll develop an entire color story around it by pulling in pods, berries, branches, fruits, and mosses.” —Pam Zsori


Text Jeanne de Lathouder
Photography Kate Sears 

To learn more about Ink & Peat, see “Art in Bloom” in our March/April 2012 issue of Victoria.

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