Shop Spotlight: Plum Pretty Sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar

Wispy florals and lithe silhouettes characterize the aesthetic of Plum Pretty Sugar. Founder Charlotte Hale launched the company in 2009, drawing upon her experience in the luxury-beauty and consumer-product industries to introduce a range of sleepwear, apparel, and domestic wares with a romantic sensibility.

Plum Pretty Sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar’s shapely robes—contoured to highlight the nape of a woman’s neck and rendered in hues chosen to cast a gentle glow on her complexion—have been particularly popular among brides and expectant mothers. Knowing her designs bear silent witness to such milestones is a privilege Charlotte holds dear. “Being a part of these life changes alongside our clients is real to me,” she says. “I am ever grateful to have a brand that participates in those moments.”

Since embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Charlotte has also gotten married and borne a child—transitions that have helped her mature both personally and professionally, she maintains. “I think relationships change us,” she admits. “They allow us to grow, and they challenge us.” Although the designer credits her husband with being a vital partner, Charlotte says parenthood pushes her aspirations further, in hopes that her son will be proud of all she has accomplished. “His birth gave me a spirit—a life to really make the brand fly,” she adds.

Plum Pretty Sugar

Daywear and accessories extend Plum Pretty Sugar’s signature look into carefree styles reminiscent of leisurely sun-drenched afternoons. Linens, including bedding essentials and drapery, swathe interiors in gossamer prints perfect for summertime. 

Reflecting on her affinity for beautiful things, Charlotte remembers fondly her childhood home, decorated in a mix of blue-and-pink chintz fabrics. Appreciation for loveliness was also nurtured through years of study in ballet, which she says instilled a sense of gracefulness that remains with her today. “I really tried to create a brand that brings forward a breezy happiness and a feminine lifestyle in a heartful way,” she explains. “Plum Pretty Sugar was a process that lived inside me for a long time.”

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