Sentimental Ties: Froufrou Chic

Froufrou Chic's Heather Cowie

Across oceans and between loved ones, dreams take wing on graceful wisps of ribbon fashioned from lustrous silk. For the creative women behind Froufrou Chic—and the customers who cherish their romantic streamers—artistry and affection intertwine to bring lasting beauty.

Sentimental Ties: Froufrou Chic

Textile artist Heather Cowie and her husband, composer Edward Cowie, divide their time between a modern dwelling in England and this Perigordine-style farmhouse in France. On each end of the sloping roof, a balcony tucked beneath the eaves offers garden and woodland views.

Sentimental Ties: Froufrou Chic

Once the fabric is cut to length, hand-washed, tinted, hand-washed again, dried, and ironed, it is measured and then torn into varying widths

Sentimental Ties: Froufrou Chic

Heather develops the Froufrou Chic palette in her sketchbook before experimenting with silk and dye. Seasonal trends emerge among popular ribbon colors, but neutral shades are perennial favorites. 

Sentimental Ties: Froufrou Chic

Above right: Ginny Au—described by her stepmother and business partner as a visionary—packages, sells, and ships Froufrou Chic products from the United States. The celebrated wedding stylist is leading the company’s expansion into the lifestyle and beauty markets.

Text Melissa Lester
Photography Stephen Devries

To learn more about Froufrou Chic, see “Sentimental Ties” on page 83 of the May/June 2016 issue of Victoria. 

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